Helios & Karla

Helios Gala is a Venezuelan IT Engineer whose hobby was always cooking. Since he moved to London two years ago he start working in the kitchen, learning more and more and growing fast until become a Chef in the recognized restaurant, where he got the experience that later would use to start his own food business.


Karla Quetglas is a Venezuelan Graphic Designer who starts working in a fast food restaurant two years ago with no experience. She found there her love for serving food and leading people. With passion and hard work she found her professional growth in the company becoming Kitchen Manager and time later Service Manager and getting with that the experience necessary to open a food business.


Karla and Helios, married in 2015 after an eight-years relationship, combined all their experience and knowledge to create Dogers on June 2016.

The Project

Sit having the dinner and thinking, as usual, how our future in London would work, we start with the idea about open our own food place, idea that we kept in our minds waiting to be developed.


Helios, as chef, is always trying to create new dishes. One day, as a fluke, just trying, he created the first Doger. Immediately we knew that it would be the main product to be sold in our stall. In that moment the project start.

It was hard, but using each second of our spare time we develope the idea until become wath Dogers is today. With pasion and love we run this small business trying always to make the day of each customer that visit us. Dogers give to the people the opportunity to taste something that they have not tried before, offering fresh and tasty outstanding food with high quality ingredients that were specifically planed to match together.